World’S Smallest Laptop Ever…

This is one of the leading mobile laptops in the world, with the world’s smallest laptop and a premium design, which is a gamepad digital GPG pocket, is an Intel Atom processor and with 8GB of RAM 128GB of storage 7 “in the 1920 x 1200 pixels of an IPS touchscreen display. Is GPD Pocket is a full Windows 10 experience. I have a GPD Pocket that has a video player for me.

Technical Details :

Other Technical Details :

For portability, performance and heat dissipation, we choose the currently most top-class Intel x7-Z8750 with 4-core 4-thread design and 8GB LPDDR 3 RAM, 128GB eMMC and 7000mAh polymer lithium battery. It has 12-hour battery life, built-in copper radiator pipe and large-diameter heat output pipeline. It increases the fan’s driving-power so that the body is always maintained blow 38℃ acceptable for the human body. Due to the active cooling, its performance is much better than that of Surface 3.

As the “kindest” and most popular Linux system, Ubuntu can shoulder a responsibility. Ubuntu can achieve all the features on Windows. The open-source LibreOffice office suite provides the most popular software similar to Word, Excel and Power Print on Microsoft Office. And you do not have to pay a penny for it. Not only that, Steam platform has a client for Ubuntu. That is to say you can download and play Steam games on Ubuntu. You can even use Chrome for Ubuntu to play Android games. As long as you like, there is no function Ubuntu cannot achieve. Pocket’s portability makes work anytime and anywhere possible.

Don’t worry about the limited ports, you can use the Type C Hub to connect many external devices such as network cable,TF card,mouse,keyboard,projector and U disk,etc. What is more, you can also use them when charging this device.As for input, Combined with ergonomics. Our design adopts the chocolate keyboard (plane island keyboard) that has won the highest award of the 2009 German Red Dot Award. Increase the contact area of finger and keycap. This leads to more accurate keystroke and more comfortable keyboard input than that of Surface 3. So it is very suitable for woman’s delicate fingers. At the same time, non-adhesive design also Reduce the rate of wrong input. Compared with a traditional keyboard, both the key process and key spacing of Pocket are significantly improved, increasing the comfort of operations.



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