Whatsapp Launches This New Features Soon

This Whatsapp New Features Coming Soon

This feature will not open WhatsApp App to anyone other than your fingerprint.

To keep the conversation more alive on WhatsApp, a feature called ‘fingerprint lock’ will be brought by WhatsApp As soon. This feature will not open WhatsApp App to anyone other than your fingerprint.

It is said that this feature will be brought in to keep a conversation on WhatsApp App. Currently many people use third party apps to lock WhatsApp in their mobile. But this new feature of WhatsApp does not require third party apps to be used.

In addition, some other features will be brought by WhatsApp Apps.

  1. Fingerprint lock  

The company has claimed the message sent to WhatsApp App is safe. Many times, if your mobile phone falls in someone else’s hands, many people have fear of being overwhelmed by your WhatsApp messages. Fingerprint Lock This feature will no longer be able to open WhatsApp App without permission. The fingerprint sensor will be used for mobile phones.

2. Dark Mode

Whatsapp is expected to be available for ‘Dark Mode’ soon for Android users. DARK MODES Due to the use of mobile phones at night, it reduces the eyesight and also has a good effect on mobile battery life.

3. 3D Touch Action

This feature will be for iPhone users. This feature will allow you to see its WhatsApp status if someone does not know it.

4. Sticker Integration

Last year, after bringing a new update of the WhatsApp sticker, it became very popular. Soon, WhatsApp will introduce ‘sticker integration’ feature. This feature allows users to send stickers on WhatsApp App using third-party apps to send stickers.

5. Audio Picker

If you want to send audio messages to Whatsapp, you can not listen before recording it. This new feature will allow you to listen to it when you record it while sending an audio message from WhatsApp App. The list of audio or music files on your mobile phone will appear in the app. Also, 30 audio files can be sent at the same time.

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