How To Apply New Election ID Card Online 2019

For New Election id card for who they are completed 18 years indian citizen and who they not apply till date for election id card are ready to apply for new voter ID card and add name to the voter list.

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For applying for as new voter you can google the election card online as seen in the image 1 highlight area and then click to NVSP Service Portal As seen in image 1 Highlight Area website is and click on this link .

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After opening this link the website for National Voters Service Portal Open as shown in the image 2 .

Then little below to the banner their is option highlight and shown in the image 2 The option for Apply online for registration of new voter / due to shifting from Ac . Click that link that is form no. 6 shown in the image 2 highlight area .

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After clicking the Form6 the Form will be open as shown in the image 3 . Read the all form carefully and start filling form step by step select language as comfortable for form from the option select language as shown in the image .

After that  there is field for where you can apply for your election id card select the option state and district and your assembly .  

Then select the option that your applying for fresh voter .

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Then Fill the Details as shown in the image 4 . name , surname , relative name , relative surname and relatives relation . Then fill the date of birth and gender of applicant .

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Then as Shown in the image 5 fill the address details as per you have valid address proof current address and permanent address then the next option for disability the original details and net to this there is email id and mobile no. Fill that because after successful application you got message on the number and future updates on that number .

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Then as shown image 6 Document for proof we are uploaded on supporting for details  that is your photograph then age proof and there is option type of documents you have select from it and upload it. Then the next address proof select type of  documents and upload . The size of documents should be not greater then 2MB size and the format of documents is only .jpg , .png , .jpeg are required.

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Then last option is deceleration form shown in image 7 fill the details and fill the captcha and submit the detail you are fill corrected. Then the reference no. Will generated and message on the registered mobile no.  You can track the your application using track application status shown in image 8 .

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Then Enter The Reference No The Filed And search the Status of your Online Application Status as shown in image 9

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