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6 Genuine Ways to Earn Money Online In 2019


   Youtube is the way for Earn Money Online . you can create your own channel and upload video with your expertise in i.e. vlog, tech.comedy , entertainment and other talent you have and then you can monetizes your video by using google Adsense as per YouTube rules and regulation you can make money online

2. Affiliate marketing

   Affiliate Marking is the another way for Earn Money Online i.e. you can referral link from shopping website i.e. flipkart , Amezon and other website that provides the affiliate marketing then you can referral this link to your friend and other your dearest own and your audience from social network then you can earn commission form that link on percentage wise

3. Fiverr 

Fiverr is online working space by using your talent means you are website designer, logo designer , video editor, content writer and other talent you have you can work with fiver and you can earn money

4. Website / Blog  

  Website and blog from website you can sell your service online and Earn Money Online from that and second way is blogging website is the popular way for the make money online . you have subject for online blog i.e tech news and other content that you can target your audience and then you can monetizes your website using google Adsense and affiliate partner and you can make money online by using website blog.

 5. Social Media

By using Social Media platform like facebook , instagram and twitter and other you can get social media influencer and Earn Money Online from using social media but your required large number of followers audience to your social media page.

6. Short Link

  Making short link and Earn Money Online by short link providing website i.e  adfly and other by using this you can short your website url then user click on that and seen the advertisement then they goes to the destination url .

This 6 Genuine Ways to Earn Money Online In 2019 and Make Pro. in Todays Digital world …Good Luck..

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