How To Track Indian Railways Online

How to track indian railway status online by using Indian Railway Railway Tracking Click Here Website


indian railways online railway real-time tracking

This is user interface of the website there is many option for indian railway services in menubar in website section

1.  Spot Your Train

2. Live Station

3. Trains Between Stations

4. Train schedule

5. Trains Cancelled

6. Rescheduled

7. Diverted

8. IR Train Tracker

9. Avg Delay

Total 9 option in the website but the first option is Spot Your Train is railway tracking online option by using this option you can track your railway online by entering train number in filed option

indian railways online railway real-time tracking

by entering train number in filed the website shows the data for the given train

then click on the All Running Instances tab display in the website and highlight using red mark in above image  then the website interface showing the date wise running  option but you can track live means present date option shown in the below image and also you can select boarding station .

indian railways

by selecting the date you can view the running status for that train


you can also use other menu option  in website for

Live Station, Trains Between Stations, Train schedule, Trains Cancelled, Rescheduled, Diverted, IR Train Tracker, Avg Delay

You can  also watch video

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