How to Create / Add Free Sitemap To The Website

In SEO ( Search  Engine Optimization ) there is important factor is sitemap . How the sitemap is created ? Let us explain .

First of all for creating sitemap first we check which format your website is developed i.e. Html  / php or wordpress .

For html and php based website there is lots of online website that is created website site map online for example ….. Website name

In this website you can enter your website url and then click on submit button then process will be start for creating site map after complete the process click on the download site map where the site map is generated .


then the upload this site map to your website folder and then go to the google webmaster tool and click the option for site map and then enter the site map and submit the site map to the google webmaster tool. then message will be display your sitemap submitted successfully then google indexed your submitted url to their search engine but anything error after submit tin sitemap the message will be Display for eq. url not found and other then fixing the error re submit the sitemap to google webmaster tool

xml sitemap

For wordpress based website sitemap is generated automatically  yoast seo plugin available free of cost to plugin store dashboard to wordpress with limited features after setup yoast seo plugin all setting will be applied successfully


Then site map will be generated for your blogging website then you can search you site map using url yourdomain name and /index_sitemap.xml


E.q. :

Then you can submit the sitemap to google webmaster followed by option 1 process. Then everything in fine in your sitemap no error in your sitemap google will Indexed your result in search result in google search engine.

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